Maggie Mae's Irish Folklore Walking Tours









Welcome to Maggie Mae's Irish Folklore Walking Tours. 

I offer 90 minutes of Irish Folklore stories, myths, and legends. I tell the Folklore stories of old and ancient Ireland.

Join my walking tours and hear all about Irelands giants, Finn McCool, gods of ancient Ireland, fearless warriors, mythology beasts, chieftains, druids, dragons, and the largest dog in the world Irish Wolfhounds.

I cater for all demographics. I have 5 walking tracks that are suitable for everyone. I also offer packages for families and groups.

These walks can make you hungry, so allow me to cater to this by packing you a beautiful and filling lunch. This includes cheeses, breads, fruits, chutney, alcohol or alcohol free drinks, and something sweet. 

The only question is, are you ready to take a step into learning about ancient Ireland and all her secrets?

Pets are welcome to join this adventure.